Horse Racing Betting Odds

Brazil is famous for being one of the countries that has a ban for games of chance. It was unavailable for more than 76 years – since 1946, but everything has changed for good with the appearance of online casinos and sportsbooks. Gamblers are able to enjoy ​​horse racing betting Parimatch without a problem by using devices that can connect to the internet. In fact, this gamblin activity is much more popular in Brazil than it may seem at first. People need to know more details about why this kind of sport is so popular in this country. 

The main factor of why Brazilian people are obsessed with horse racing is the availability. According to the official gambling law, any activity, the result of which cannot be predicted and does need some sort of skill, even if it is luck, cannot be considered as a gambling. It means it cannot be a subject to the restrictions of the Criminal Contraventions Law. 

How to bet on horse racing at Parimatch

Thanks to the branch of the famous sportsbook that was launched in this country in 2019. Gamblers can be sure that horse racing odds Parimatch are much better on other gambling websites that were previously introduced for this region. It is pretty easy to bet horse racing Parimatch, because there are not that many rules to learn. In fact, there are only two basic options:

  • Placing a bet online;
  • Placing a bet offline.

Considering that offline gambling is forbidden in Brazil, the only way of placing horse racing bets is via the dedicated website page of Parimatch. To place a wager, gamblers can use either a desktop or mobile device. There is a full scale version of the website or the official application for iOS and Android. No matter what kind of version the player will choose in order to make a couple of bets, the process of placing bets on the horse racing betting site Parimatch looks pretty obvious:

  1. Open the main page of the sportsbook;
  2. Use the navigation bar in order to access the search engine and find the horse racing from the online catalogue;
  3. Choose an event and specify the kind of bet that should be placed as a bet;
  4. Choose a particular racing horse to place a bet on and wait for the outcome.

Thanks to modern technologies, this website is able to automatically credit all the funds that the player has won as a result of a bet. 

What types of horse racing can I bet on?

In order to get the most out of this kind of sport, it is important to know everything about horse racing bet types Parimatch. The most popular option is a bet on the winner of the race. The main objective is to guess which of the horses will come to the finish line first. Parimatch makes these bets even more appreciated by gamblers thanks to the so-called”insurance bet”. In short, it is a bet with insurance. With it, if the horse chosen by the gambler comes 2-3, the amount of the bet, or part of it, will be returned back to the player.

Gamblers can bet on the “prize place”

Gamblers need to look for options called “each-way”. The point is to guess that the horse, even if it doesn’t win, will eventually finish the race in the prize position. In this case, players can choose a number of exotic wagers. Gamblers can get better betting odds horse racing Parimatch:

  • The Exacta bets. In case of this betting type gamblers should select the top two horses to finish the race in the correct order.
  • The Quinella bets. In case of this betting type gamblers should select the top two horses to finish the race in any order.
  • The Trifecta bets. In case of this betting type gamblers should select the top three horses to finish the race in correct order.
  • The Superfecta bets. In case of this betting type gamblers should select the top four horses to finish the race in correct order.

All of them are worth the attention and time of the player. The gambler should spend a little to no time in order to figure out how these horse racing bets work and benefit thanks to them. 

“Forecast” bets

In case of this bet, the player should select horses that will come at first and second place within the same race. There are two basic options here: “straight” forecast, when the player chooses only 1 option, and “combined” forecast, when the bet should be placed on the horses will come to 1-2 positions in any order. But here, as with “each-way”, the amount of the bet is actually doubled. The main idea is to increase the odds for wagers that will be made by the gambler. 

Match Bet

This type of horse racing betting is also known as “Head-to-Head” bets. It doesn’t matter who wins the race – the main thing is that the 1 horse that has been chosen overtakes the other one indicated by the user. It will look like a one on one duel and can be placed only in case of very specific events. 

Best Horse Racing Predictions

An easy recommendation for beginners, who are only starting their gambling career in Brazil is to use the free bet horse racing Parimatch opportunity to not lose money on first bets. But it is not the only tip that can be given for new users who want to enjoy such bets at their full potential.

It is recommended to read different predictions from professionals and regular internet users in order to have no problems with the calculating horse racing odds Parimatch. It is much easier to predict what is going to happen in the future when the player has analysed the information from different sources. 

Another important thing to note – never use big amounts of money on a single event. The reason for that is a chance to lose all of them only because of one failure. This is why it is important to make more bets, but with smaller amounts of money. This will be a win-win situation for all gambling beginners. 

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